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Untitled Game

This is a placeholder for the current game I'm working on. It's built for iOS using Swift, and will be satisfying for people who like stocks, and seeing numbers go up.


GameOn.World is an educational trivia game for groups. I cofounded the website with my high school teacher because we thought that the current trivia games didn't take advantage of the availability of connected electronic devices and instead encouraged isolation. Most apps and games require users to play alone, focus on their own screen, and not interact with those around them. GameOn.World allows people to focus on one central display that everyone can see, and use their personal devices solely as controllers.


Pokélab was an all-in-one supplementary application for Pokémon GO players. My friend and I created this app because there weren't any sleek, well designed apps that had all the information and tools to complete the players' gaming experience. Pokélab was very successful as our first app, getting over 50,000 downloads.


Luna was an educational game to help students improve their spatial reasoning with focus on the relationship between the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon. I developed this app at University of Southern Maine working closely with Dr. Julie Ziffer as a tool to help astronomy teachers supplement their lessons. Using Unity3D we were able to create a beautiful and engaging app that took advantage of the gyroscope to simulate a 360° view. The app was supported and available for download on all platforms until 2020.